Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Review

I have been wanting to try The Balm Mary Lou Manizer for the longest time! I was planning to purchase it online, however I was in the mall one day with a friend and I was at this area of the mall that I never go to because there isn't any stores in that area that interest me. But as I was walking by a store window I saw a display for The Balm products I knew I had to go into that store. Lucky for me, they had the Mary Lou Manizer and it was the last one, so I snatched it up! Here is my review on the Manizer, enjoy :)
About The Product
From The Balm "Meet Mary-Lou Manizer, a seemingly innocent honey-hued luminizer that catches everybody’s eye. This highlighter, shadow and shimmer diffuses light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding a subtle glow. "
Mary Lou Manizer is a honey hue luminizer or you can also call it a highlighter, which helps to reflect light to highlight an area of your face. For example to make your cheek bones stand out you can apply this product to the tops of your cheek. I personally use this for that purpose as well I sometimes use it to highlight my cupid bow. Above are swatches of the product unblended and blended. This product gives I nice glow to your cheek bones, its super pigmented you don't need a lot of product.
This is a product, easy to blend, works well on a number of different skin tones. Which is why I think this is such a popular product is because a lot of different skin tones can use this. I also recommend when apply this to use a light hand as I said this is very pigmented so it can be easy to use too much and you wouldn't want shimmer overload.
Mary Lou Manizer From The Balm
Other places may price this for $26.00, I can't remember but I believe this was around the price I paid.
You can purchase this online from the The Balm or you can find it in stores.
*Honey hue luminizer
*Very pigmented
*Should be apply with light hand
*Works for an number of skin tones

Have you tried this product before?


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