Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Christmas Wish List

Hey! Christmas is next month and I always get excited this time of year not just for getting gifts but also for snow I love winter and I also love planning out what gifts I'm going to get people. I always do my Christmas shopping in late October and early November because I hate going in December when the malls are all filled up with so many people. Or if I buys gifts online your more likely to get this faster then you would in December when everyone else all over the world is doing there holiday shopping. Holiday shopping early for me puts my mine at ease and I don't have to worry about gifts in December and I can just relax.
Here are some things that I wouldn't mine getting for Christmas this year. As well you can use these for ideas for all you beauty lovers out there if your not to sure what you want this year.

Images are from Lime Crime
1.Posionberry 2.Coquette 3.Glamour101 4.Centrifuschia 5.Present 6.Snowsicle 7.Red Velvet
Images are from Lush
1.Enchanted Eye Cream 2.Retread Conditioner 3.Fresh Face Mask in Cupcake
That is it for beauty related items, below are things that I have wanted for awhile but just never have got around to buying it for myself. 
Images are from Amazon
1.WAH Nails Book Of Downtown Girls 2.Palm Reading A Little Guide To Life's Secrets 
4.The Client  5. The Sims 3 University Life 

Images are from Urban Outfitters

1. The Selfie 2.White Board 3.Tarot Card Set 4.Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker 5.WAH Nail Book Of Downtown Girls 6.Monopoly Nintendo 7. Pins And Needles Toggle Coat
What is on your wish list this year?


  1. I adore the limecrime wish list!!!

  2. Such amazing suggestions! When I go shopping I usually clothing like a slob and I end up with all the problems you've described here. I find out out it amazing that I never considered of these aspects before and they seem so obvious after you've described it. Thanks bunches!


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