Thursday, October 3, 2013

Too Faced Naked Eye Palette Review

Today I have a review on Too Faced Naked Eye Palette, I have had this for years but it's a palette I don't use much.

About The Product
From Sephora website "A gorgeous collection of nine essential matte neutrals and soft shimmer eye shadows, complete with three Get-The-Look cards."
All shadows applied over Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden
In The Buff is a matte ivory shadow, when I applied this with a brush I hardly any of the colour showed up, when I applied this shadow with my finger however the shadow had a better colour pay off.
Birthday Suit is a beige shimmer shadow, I think this shadow can be nice for lighter skin tones as I have tried this shadow before and it hardly showed up and this was with primer. 
Pink Cheeks is a pale pink, this colour doesn't really show up well and it's not any better then In The Buff.
The first shadow is Pillow Talk, which is a light taupe sheen shadow. Pillow Talk is an ok shadow more of a highlight shade.
Satin Sheets is a golden champagne shimmer shadow it looks pink up when applied to skin is actually gold. This shadow doesn't have much pigmentation which is a disappointment because it a pretty colour.
Lap Dance is describe as a silvery taupe shimmer, this is one of the only shadows that I actually really like. It is a pretty light plum shade and will look pretty an anyone.
Like A Virgin is the first shadow which is another shadow that I have used the most. Like A Virgin is a matte taupe shadow it really great as a transition colour for your crease. 
Unmentionables is a steel gray shimmer shadow. I haven't used this shadow much, I believe I have only used it maybe three or four times. It's a nice gray but I just don't really wear gray shadows much so that is why I don't really have anything good or bad to say about this shadow.
Stiletto is a matte black, I feel like this is the only matte shadow besides Like A Virgin that actually has a good colour pay off. This is a nice black matte shadow.
Available at Sephora
$44.00 CA
$36.00 US
Overall I would not recommend this palette I think it's a real let down, bad colour pay off and not bad pigmentation. This palette is a pass in my book, they only shadows that are good are Lap Dance, Like A Virgin, Unmentionables (if you like grays) and Stiletto. That is 4 out of 9 shadows that are good. I have to say again don't waste your money on this palette.
Do you own this Palette or another from this brand?


  1. It's a shame this wasn't much good, some of the shades are really pretty! xx

  2. Aww too bad, yeah you can get something for less but will work much better!
    However the box is so cute ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. great post


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