Saturday, October 19, 2013

Taye Beauty Review Part 1

disclaimer:  products or product shown in this post has been provided by the said brand for review and/or use.
Today I have a review for you on Taya Beauty if you follow me on instagram then you may have seen the picture of Taya Beauty hair products that I received. This is going to be part one of the review I hope you enjoy :)
About The Company
From Taya Beauty website "TAYA is the spirit and promise of the rainforest..... the rare power to beautify..... our source of life, spirit, and replenishment.
Unprocessed, raw, natural...... the super-botanicals of the rainforest..... like Cupuaçu Oil, the Durabundi Nut, the Annato Plant, Buriti Oil, and the Brazillian Açai Berry..... have provided for the enrichment and regeneration of its indigenous peoples' body and spirit since the beginning.
These timeless traditions and their intimate connectedness to the rainforest..... to the earth, the sky, the river, and to the forest itself..... are the extraordinary hair and body products of TAYA."
You can red more on the Taya Beauty on their website
The first product I tried was the Amazon With Clay Thickening Styling Crème which like all of there products adds body & richness into fin, thin and lifeless hair. I personally don't use styling crèmes I prefer using oils in my hair to style. How ever I liked and use this crème when I put my hair in pony tails and buns. Fall is here and that means wet weather when ever it rains I always wear my hair up and this is great to help the fly away hairs to stay down. It doesn't leave any white residue behind in your hair which is great because some styling crèmes do. However I did find the scent of this product to be to strong for my liking. Amazon White Clay Thickening Leave In Mist I have been using after I wash my hair, I think this products helps to leave your hair soft and it smells great. It has the same smell as the crème but it's not as strong of a smell as the crème. Like this crème this too helps to add body & richness to your hair. 
 Amazon With Clay Thickening Styling Crème
$22.00 US
Amazon White Clay Thickening Leave In Mist
$22.00 US
Have you tried this brand before?


  1. The style crème sounds great! I like there are natural ingredients

  2. I'm with you, I really don't use cremes in my hair either because I find them to be too heavy - especially when you're trying to style your hair a different way the next day. I love leave in products though! I haven't ever heard of this brand before but I'll keep an eye out now.

    1. I agree is can be to heavy the next day, I think if they add an oil to this line it would be a great option for people who like oils they can have the option and people who like crèmes better can still have the cream option :)

  3. I never heard of this before.. The mist sounds interesting!.. xx


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