Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Make Up For Ever Halloween Face Charts

Halloween is a few days away and I was sent some face charts from Make Up For Ever to share with you all. I'm sharing with you my top 4 favourites! There face charts that you can recreate at home with products you already have. If you don't have some of the product you can always switch something out like for the Masquerade you can replace the berry lipstick with a red lipstick if that's what you have. I hope you like them and get inspired for Halloween!
 All face chart images and explanations are from Make Up For Ever 
by Genoa Norris at South Coast Plaza
HD Primer #0
HD Foundation
Flash Color Palette
Super Matte Loose #0
Sculpting Kit #2
Eye Prime
Aqua Shadow #6E Dark Blue
Aqua Shadow #8E Emerald Green
Eye Shadow #53(green), #167(blue), #4 (black)
Diamond Powder #11
Star Powder #967 Diamond White
Aqua Black
Aquarelle White
HD Sponge
Foundation Brush-Medium #106
Precision Blender Brush-Medium #216
Precision Shader Brush-Small #208
Extra Fine Eyeliner Brush #250
Lip Brush #304
Apply #0 HD Primer starting through the center and working outward. Then apply
HD Foundation using your shade. Highlight and Contour your cheeks, temples and
jaw using Sculpting Kit #2. Apply #10 Sculpting blush to the apples of the cheeks.
Start with Eye Prime all over the eye lid. Then apply #6E Aqua Shadow in the inner
corner of your eye and blend. Next, apply #8E Aqua Shadow in the inner rim and
outer corner of the upper lid and blend into the crease. Intensify colors by applying
#53 Eye Shadow in the inner corner and #167Eye Shadow to smudge under eye
and blend the outer corner. Create more dimension by adding #4 Eye Shadow
through the crease. Use a fluffy brush and continue to diffuse color around the eye.
Then apply #967 Start Powder as a brow highlight. Using Aqua Black, create a cat
liner on the upper lash line.
Define and shape your lips with 16C Aqua Lip. Then fill in the entire lip with #36
Rouge Artist Intense. Finish with #11 Diamond Powder in the center of the lips.
Place pink Flash Color in center of the nose bridge and blend out with a sponge to
create a gradient effect. Using a small detail brush create an outer edge with Blue
and Green Flash color, then, blend edges slightly. Powder with Super Matte Loose
#0. Apply #967 Star Powder to highlight white areas in the mask. Then, with Aqua
Black and a fine tip brush, draw the black outline and design inside the mask. Apply
white dots and highlights using White Aquarelle.
by Tara Vasquez at Topanga
HD Primer #0
HD Foundation
Sculpting Kit #2
Flash Color Palette
Eye Kohl 2K
Super Matte Loose #0
Aqua Lip #2C
Rouge Artist Intense #22
Foundation Brush-Large #108
Precision Highlighter Brush #144
Precision Blender Brush-Large #286
Precision Smudger Brush-Medium #212
Lip Brush #304
Prime skin with #7 HD Primer to brighten skin tone. Apply Face and Body Foundation
mixed with #22 Uplight. Using a HD Concealer two shades lighter than your
own skin tone conceal, under eyes, above the eye brows, down the center of the
nose and the top of the cheekbones. Re-intensify your highlights with #940 Star
Powder. Then, sculpt your cheek bones, temple, and jaw using the dark shade in #2
Sculpting kit. Create flushed cheeks with #4 HD Blush. To make fairy skin come to
life press #1Dimond Powder into high planes of the face.
Lightly press Full Cover in your brow to neutralize color. Apply a sheer amount of
Lash glue onto your eye brows to act as a base, then, press #1Diamond Powder
with your finger to create an opaque glittery brow cover. Apply #967 Star Powder
as a brow highlight and on the center of the eyelid. For a “star gazer” draw dots
and small stars with #21 Color Liner above the brow and around orbital bone.
Blend #164 Eye Shadow in your crease and diffuse with a blending brush. Then
draw 9K Eye Kohl in your crease and blend for more depth. Use Aqua Black to
define the upper lash line. Apply Smoky Extravagant mascara to the top and bottom
lashes. Finish your eyes with Faux lash #14 on top and #9 Individual lashes on
Line and shape your lips with #20C Aqua Lip. Fill your lips in #22 Rouge Artist
Intense. Finish by pressing #1 Diamond Powder in the center of the lips.
by Talia Cich at Los Angeles Robertson
HD Primer #0
HD Foundation
Sculpting Kit #2
Flash Color Palette
Eye Kohl 2K
Super Matte Loose #0
Mist & Fix
Aqua Lip #2C
Rouge Artist Intense #22
Eye Shadow #2 (yellow),#4(black),#18 (orange)
Eye Shadow #118 (sky blue),#60 (dark blue)
Precision Foundation Brush-Small #100
Blush Brush #180
Shader Brush-Large #224
Shader Brush-Medium #228
Precision Lip Brush #302
Apply #0 HD Primer starting through the center and working outward. Then apply
HD Foundation using a shade lighter that your own skin tone. Highlight and
Contour your cheeks, temples and Jaw using Sculpting Kit #2. Create color
smudges using orange and yellow Flash Color on the cheeks nose and neck.
To outline overall shape sketch designs around the eyes and on the cheeks using
2K Eye Kohl. Start with sea foam Flash color on the top of the brow bone and
through the brow hair.
Apply blue shade to the outer corner and underneath the eyes, blend to create a
gradient effect. Around the eyes use Aqua Black to define and add depth to your
shapes. Then line the inner rim of the eye with 2K Eye Kohl. For maximum stability
set the entire face with #0 Super Matte Loose. Next, use Eye Shadows in matching
shades to bring back intense color saturation. Seal with Mist and Fix.
Line and define your lip with a 2C Aqua Lip. Then, Fill the entire lip with #22
Rouge Artist Intense. Add Washes of yellow, orange, and red on the upper and
lower lip. Finish with white to add volume.

by Heather Michaels at Dallas North Park
Flash Color Palette
Star Powder #942 White Purple
Star Powder #941 Frosty white
Fluo Night #33 (lime green)
HD Micronized Finishing Powder
Eye Shadow #40 (grey), #4 (Black)
Aqua Black
Smoky Lash
Faux Lash #155
Rouge Artist Intense
HD Sponge
Precision Foundation Brush-Medium #112
Precision Blender Brush-Medium #216
Precision Crease Brush-Medium #323
Precision Eyeliner Brush #258
Precision Lip Brush #302
Create lightened luminous skin by mixing your HD Foundation shade with white
Flash Color. Apply with a brush and buff with a sponge for a transparent effect. Set
Complexion with #944 Star Powder and HD Microfinishing Powder. To create a veil
of green apply #33 Fluo Night following the contours of the face and sculpt cheek
bones with #40 Eye Shadow.
Apply Aqua Black to define and exaggerate your eye brows. Next, Apply #2 Aqua
Cream from lash line up to crease. Highlight the inner comer of the eyes and the
brow bone with #941 Star Powder. Then press #942 Star Powder onto the eyelid.
Next, apply #4 Eye Shadow through the crease and for more black intensity
re-define with Aqua Black. Line the upper and lower waterline with 0L Aqua Eyes
smudge at lower lash line with #4 Eye Shadow. Then create a dramatic wing on the
upper lash line using Aqua Black. Finish with Smoky Lash Mascara and apply Faux
lashes #155.
Define and shape lips with 0L Aqua Eyes . Apply #50 Rouge Artist Intense with a lip
brush and finish with M2 Lab Shine. Highlight the center of the lip with #941 Star
Which face chart do you like the most?
Personally I love the Wicked Witch face chart the most!

Monday, October 28, 2013

BH Cosmectis Floral Blush Duo Review

I've been waiting for awhile to get these blushes in the mail and I was so happy when they arrived. I couldn't wait to open up my package and check out my new blushes. Todays post is on BH Cosmetics Floral Blush Duos.

About The Product
From BH Cosmetics website"Every budding beauty needs the perfect cheek flush.  BH Floral Blush Duos are inspired by flower petals and their feminine, soft colors and include two shades inside each mirror, magnetic palette.  Swirl the two shades together and apply or use them separately to sculpt a lovely glow."

All swatches applied over Pro Long Wear Concealer in NW40
Daisy blush duo is a pink matte blush which is on the right side in the picture and a golden highlight shade on the left. You can use these shades together or alone as a blush and highlighter. I would recommend Daisy for lighter skin tone but the highlighter I think would look great applied with a light hand to just about any skin tone.
Iris comes with a beautiful deep plum matte blush and a coral pink blush on the right side. This is my favourite out of the collection. This plum blush would look lovely on deep skin tones. As well together they look great the coral adds a nice glow to your face with the deep plum

Next blush is the Lilac duo which comes with a bright hot pink, but when applied to your skin this blush is not bright as it looks in the palette. This duo also comes with a nude pink highlight. This blush I would recommend for people who are more fair skin.
Rose is also another beautiful blush I really like this one as well, on the left is a beautiful pink peachy blush with a beige highlight, like the other blushes you can also blend both shade together to create a beautiful blend of both of the shade. This is another palette the I think would also work for many different skin tone.  
Tulip is another palette the contains a beautiful coral blush along with a beautiful shimmery bronze shade. This palette I think would look lovely on every skin tone. As well the blushes work well blended together. All of the blushes easily blend onto the skin and are so affordable.
You can purchase these beautiful blush duos from BH Cosmetics online.
 $4.95 (sale price)
$9.95 (regular price)

Which blush do you like?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Take Me To Brazil BH Cosmetics Palette Review

After seeing one of my favourite bloggers review this palette I knew I wanted to buy this palette, it has so many vibrant colours. This palette is called Take me To Brazil, BH Cosmetics describes this palette as wild and exotic with 30 eye shadows this palette has a collection of shimmer, satin and matte shadows. I hope you enjoy this review!

Shadows applied on top of  NW40 Pro Long Wear Concealer
 All of the shadows in this palette are beautiful some applied better then others but for the most part I didn't have an problems with application of the shadows. The only shadows I did have a problem with application was numbers 2, 3, 4 and 16. My favourite shadows are the shadows in the last row of the palette I really liked the shimmer shadows the best. This palette comes with 30 shadows, 28 shadows of normal size with 2 shadows that are larger which are the shadows that BH Cosmetics thinks would get the most use the black and a white iridescent shadows. I have to say I don't like the white shadow I don't feel like it would look good on every skin town and I wish there was a row of some brown shadows as well. Overall I do like this palette and if your looking for a colourful palette that's not going to cost you an arm and a leg lol, I would recommend this palette.

BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil is sold online from BH Cosmetics website.

$9.95 (sale price)
$19.95 (regular price)
 Do you think you will be getting this palette?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wantable Box First Impressions

disclaimer:  products or product shown in this post has been provided by the said brand for review and/or use.
Today I have a subscription box review from Wantable, I hope you enjoy this post!
About The Company
Wantable is a monthly subscription box service which offers 3 choices in subscription services you can choose a makeup box, accessories box and intimate box. Also currently Wantable has for a limited time a Halloween box. Each month you will received hand picked beauty, fashion and intimate wear chosen for you. Wantable uses each clients unique profile to select the perfect set of time for you.   
What comes in the box is a card with a nice note on the back, an information paper which tells you about the products that are in the box and your products. I just have to note that I like the fact that Wantable is a small enough box that it will fit into your mailbox if you live in a building or house it will fit right into your mail box that way if you’re not home when your mail is delivered you won't want to stop at your local post office to pick up your package.
Michael Marcus Eyeshadow in Uptight is a pale pink shadow shimmery shadow. It a pretty shadow and I would use this for a highlight on my brow bone. I also think for lighter skin tones this would be a nice shadow to wear over your lid.  

Japonesque Angled Foundation Brush is a travel sized brush with synthetic bristles. I'm not a big foundation person I usually don't wear a full face of foundation so I can't see myself getting a lot of use with this brush for that reason, but I can see myself maybe using this brush to contour with any cream products.

Face Stockholm Lip Gloss in #22 is a sheer plum gloss would be nice over a berry red or deep plum lipstick. One thing I didn't like about this lip gloss is that I notice it had a familiar smell to it, at first I couldn't put my finger on it but then I realized it reminds me of the smell of chalk.

Lise Waiter Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Silvery Taupe is my favourite item out of the items that I was lucky enough to get. This colour is described as a silvery taupe polish. I also like that the cap lights up for a more accurate application. There is a little button at the top that you press to turn on and off this feature.

Kikkerland Emery Board Skull Nail File this is a cute nail file, it's double sized the back is black.
I don't have much to say because everyone knows what a nail file is and how to use one.

Last is a sample size of Skiin Soothing & Smoothing Eye Cream I have used this for 3 days it's a creamy product you only need a little bit to help with fine lines and wrinkles as well this cream helps with puffy under eyes. I haven't yet seen the benefits of this product as I only have used it for 3 days. But it hasn't helped out with my under eyes to get rid of morning puffiness. This is the reason why I’m using this since I get puffy under eyes on my right eye in the mornings so annoying but I hope with using this more it will help with the problem.

Subscription Box is $36.00
 One Time Purchase is $40.00 
This is a pricy box compared to other boxes BUT with this box you are getting full sized products that equal 80.00 or more. Wantable also includes the prices of each item.
Michael Marcus Eyeshadow in Uptight                    24.00
Japonesque Angled Foundation Brush                     25.00
Face Stockholm Lip Gloss in #22                             19.00
Lise Waiter Light Cap Nail Lacquer                         13.00
Kikkerland Nail File                                                1.50
Skiin Soothing & Smoothing Eye Cream                0.00
                                                          Equals             82.50
What do you think of Wantable?
This can also make a next one time purchase for a gift for someone since the holidays will be here soon


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Taye Beauty Review Part 1

disclaimer:  products or product shown in this post has been provided by the said brand for review and/or use.
Today I have a review for you on Taya Beauty if you follow me on instagram then you may have seen the picture of Taya Beauty hair products that I received. This is going to be part one of the review I hope you enjoy :)
About The Company
From Taya Beauty website "TAYA is the spirit and promise of the rainforest..... the rare power to beautify..... our source of life, spirit, and replenishment.
Unprocessed, raw, natural...... the super-botanicals of the rainforest..... like Cupuaçu Oil, the Durabundi Nut, the Annato Plant, Buriti Oil, and the Brazillian Açai Berry..... have provided for the enrichment and regeneration of its indigenous peoples' body and spirit since the beginning.
These timeless traditions and their intimate connectedness to the rainforest..... to the earth, the sky, the river, and to the forest itself..... are the extraordinary hair and body products of TAYA."
You can red more on the Taya Beauty on their website
The first product I tried was the Amazon With Clay Thickening Styling Crème which like all of there products adds body & richness into fin, thin and lifeless hair. I personally don't use styling crèmes I prefer using oils in my hair to style. How ever I liked and use this crème when I put my hair in pony tails and buns. Fall is here and that means wet weather when ever it rains I always wear my hair up and this is great to help the fly away hairs to stay down. It doesn't leave any white residue behind in your hair which is great because some styling crèmes do. However I did find the scent of this product to be to strong for my liking. Amazon White Clay Thickening Leave In Mist I have been using after I wash my hair, I think this products helps to leave your hair soft and it smells great. It has the same smell as the crème but it's not as strong of a smell as the crème. Like this crème this too helps to add body & richness to your hair. 
 Amazon With Clay Thickening Styling Crème
$22.00 US
Amazon White Clay Thickening Leave In Mist
$22.00 US
Have you tried this brand before?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Glam 1920s Dead Flapper Halloween Makeup

This is going to be my second Halloween makeup look for Sheer Beauty and my last this year. I hope you will enjoy this Halloween makeup it's a 1920s Flapper with a twist.

Products Used
Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Deep 71
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 30
Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder
BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Eye Shadow Palette - Black & Red
Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss Minty Sheer mixed with NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil Vixen
MAC Lip Glass Strawberry Malt
BH Cosmetics Crème Luxe Lipstick Berry Bite
Toilet Paper
NYX Lash Glue
Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Deep 71
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW40 (to cover brows)
Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder
Hard Candy Take Me Out Black
Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer
Stila Jewel Eye Shadow Amethyst
Maybelline EyeStudio Color Plush Quad Mad For Mauve
BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Eye Shadow Palette - Matte Purple
MAC Eye Shadow Swiss Chocolate
MAC Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash Mascara
L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Carbon Black
Ardell Lashes 120 Demi (cut in 3/4 use on top lashes)
Ardell Lashes 120 Demi (cut in 1/4 use on bottom lashes)
BH Cosmetics Crème Luxe Lipstick Moody Merlot
NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil Vixen
What do you plan to be for Halloween?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

BH Cosmetics Creme Luxe Lipsticks Review

 Recently I bought some products from BH Cosmetics, they were having an amazing sale. Which if you think about it BH is always having amazing's sales and deals. Along with lipsticks I also purchased the Take Me To Brazil Palette, lashes, a eyeliner and blushes. I still haven't received my blushes as there was a mix up with that and in place I got a brush set. So lets get on with this review!
 About The Product
From BH Cosmetics website "BH Creme Luxe Lipstick lovingly wraps your lips in moisturizing vibrant color. Enriched with Shea Butter, Beeswax and Vitamin E, these 12 hydrating shades come in Satin, Shimmer and Creamy finishes. Pucker up!"
The three shades that I bought were Moody Merlot, Toasted and Berry Bite, there were other shades I wanted to purchase but sadly they were sold out at the time of my purchase. I have to say I was so surprised with the pigmentation of these lipsticks. I thought because this is not a high end lipstick that the pigmentation wouldn't compare to a high to mid end brand. I thought that maybe this lipstick might be a bit sheer or the would be as pigmented and vibrant as for example MAC lipsticks. I was wrong! The swatches on my hand are the lipsticks with just one stoke of the lipstick. These lipsticks have got great pigmentation. This lipsticks as also very creamy and do not dry out your lips. I love each colour I got. Moody Merlot is a deep burgundy red with a creamy finish, Berry Bite is a berry red which also has a creamy finish and Toasted is described by BH as a spiced neutral bronze with a creamy finish. 
You can purchase these lipstick at BH Cosmetics website.
$3.95 US (sale price)
$7.95 US (regular price)     
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers!
Have you or world you try these lipsticks? 


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