Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Hair Routine

I'm finally doing this post a while ago Jennifer from asked if I can do a post like this and I wanted to wait until I got my routine down because I'm always changing it up. This is the routine that I have been doing for months now. I hope you all enjoy this post.
My Daily Routine
I don't really comb or tend too much to my hair if I'm just staying home and doing nothing, but if I'm going out I moisturize my hair with Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil or Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Spray. The virgin coconut oil comes in a solid form and I use a small amount warm it up in my hands first so it melts then I apply it to 3/4 of my hair but I mostly focus most of the product on my ends. A small amount of this it great if you use to much it will make your hair look greasy and not shiny. As well there are also many benefits of using coconut oil in your hair like getting shiny hair, building your hairs strength and there are many more. The next product I use regularly is Macadamia Healing Spray I use this whenever I'm styling my hair with heat because it does protected your hair from hot tools or as a substitute for the coconut oil because it's faster to use since it's a spray. 
My Washing Routine
Once again I use coconut oil when I wash my hair, I warm it up in the microwave until its warm and apply it to my hair and leave it in for 15 minutes before I wash my hair or sometimes I warm up the product in my hand and apply it to my hair and leave it in for a night then I wash my hair in the morning. I always apply this to about 3/4 of my hair starting from my ends and working my way up.  Then next before I actually wash my hair, I comb my hair to get out any tangles. Then I section my hair into 4 parts and I wash my hair in sections. The shampoo that I've be using for months is Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo and I apply this only to my scalp as I have read it better to only shampoo your scalp and to condition your ends. Once I'm done then I move onto my conditioner the one I'm currently using is MOA Melaleuca Omega-3 Argan Moisturizing & Repair Conditioner but I'm always changing up my conditioners this is just what I currently have been using, which I have to add this conditioner smells amazing I think it's the best smelling conditioner I have ever tried so far. Like with my coconut oil I only apply this to 3/4 of my hair and I start at the ends of my hair working my way up. I don't apply any conditioner to my scalp but I do apply it to the back of my head because I feel like the hair back there doesn't really get a lot of TLC. I think most people forget about the little baby hair that is at the back of your neck. Then I let that stay for around ten minutes, whenever I wash my hair I always listen to music because I hate to wash my hair and listening to music makes it more fun lol so I leave my conditioner in for 3 songs which songs are usually around 3 minutes and 3 songs is around 10 minutes give or take a few minutes. When I rinse the conditioner out I only use cold water because cold water helps lock in shine I've been told by a friend when I was in middle school. I also gently comb out my hair as much as I can to get out any tangles with my Macadamia No Tangle Brush.  
My After Wash Routine
After I wash my hair and it's time to blow dry I use my healing oil spray to protect my hair and I also apply Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Spray to the section of hair I'm working on. I also section my hair when I blow dry it because for me this method is easier. Once I'm done I spray that section of my hair with KQC Thermal Shine Spray and I straighten my hair then move onto the next section and so on. 
What products do you use for your hair?


I love to read what you guys have too say, so please leave your comments but please refrain from follow for follow comments thanks you :)


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