Monday, July 8, 2013

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils Review

About The Product
From NYX website "It’s double or nothing with this lip liner and lipstick in one. Our masterful Jumbo Lip Pencils infuse lips with alluring, nourishing color, and help you create a precision pout. Line, define and color with one jumbo pencil. Plus the mineral oil formula does not dry out your lips and it goes on smoothly. Available in 25 shades."
Pink Nude is not what I expected it's a frosty lip pencil. To me it doesn't look like a pink nude its more nude. This maybe could be because of the frost that it doesn't look pink, I think the frost finish might have taken away from the pink nude colour NYX intended this lip pencil to be. I wouldn't recommend this lip colour to a lot of people as I think it would look best on a light complexion then a tan or darker complexion. If you chose to wear this alone as a lipstick I would also recommend some lip balm apply to your lips first because this lip pencil in Pink Nude was kind of drying to my lips.

Vixen looks like a brown lip pencil but it's actually a very deep red. The colour is very opaque and it does leave your lips a bit stain afterwards. Unlike Pink Nude I find that Vixen when applied to my lips was not dehydrating at all. The formula of both pencils is creamy and both go on smooth. However I think Vixen is a colour that is more universal, a wide range of different complexion could for sure rock this colour.
Designer Cosmetics
2 for $15.00 CA
$5.99 CA each
$4.50 US
Have you tried NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils before?


  1. Every time I'm in a store thinking about buying one of these I always change my mind, but I really like how vixen looks. I need a color like that for fall/winter, so I may pick that one up!

  2. Vixen looks really great on you!!

  3. I like Vixen a lot. Wow, NYX just keeps coming out with cool stuff.

  4. Thanks for the review! I'd never heard of these. Vixen is haute! The other one I would pass on. I hate lipstick with a frost finish.

    1. Lol yes I didn't like the frost too not what I was thinking it would look like

  5. Vixen looks so pretty, I definitely need to check it out.

    1. You should, I'm sure it would look nice on you :)

  6. Great swatches I agree vixen is the best


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