Thursday, April 4, 2013

All Gone [Products That I've Finished] #2

Here are is another post of posts that I have recently finished and what I think about them.
1. Olay 2 in 1 Daily Facial Cloths - 33 cloths come in a package. Textured side is used to exfoliate with blue micro beads and the smooth side washes out dirt, oil and makeup. I like the wash my face with the micro beads then I turn it over to the other side and I use the smooth side to rinse my face. I also like to cut it in have it I'm not wearing any makeup and only use half of the cloth to clean my face. I like the product, I don't use it everyday and it is my 3rd time repurchasing this.
2. China Glaze Grape Juice - has silver sparkles in it and its a beautiful colour I would by this polish again.
3. Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter Pink Truffle - is an everyday lip colour, this is creamy and keeps my lips hydrated as well it last for a good amount of time and I would by this again.
4. Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment - I love love love this so much I really want to purchase another one next time I'm in Sephora. This lip product gives a red tint to your lips. It's hydrating and great to were at night before bed keeps your lips hydrated until the morning I would recommend this to everyone.
5. The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm - Keeps my lips from getting dry I like wearing this at night and during the day because there is a little shimmer in the lip balm. Perfect for wearing out if your the type of person that doesn't like wearing coloured lip gloss or if your not a lipstick person. 
What are so products that you recommend to your friends?


  1. Pretty nail polish color :)

  2. i'll have to try that pink truffle shade

  3. I received mini size of both the original and the Rose Sugar Lip Treatment as a birthday gift from Sephora but I haven't got to try them yet!

    1. I had the original one as well that I got too as a birthday gift from Sephora I like the original one for when I'm going to bed, keeps my lips hydrated until the morning. Sugar lip treatments are great :)


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