Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fish Scale Nail Design

I saw a nail look like this online and it was called mermaid nails and some people were calling it a fish scale look anyway I gave it a try and the first time I did it I didn't like it but I actually got complements on my nails when I went out. A few days later I did them again and here is how they turned out. 

Products Used
OPI Nail Envy
L'Oreal Paris Mango Get - Em
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Bubblegum Pink
L'Oreal Chichlette (I didn't end up using it)
China Glaze Techno
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen Purple
Cover Girl Makeup Masters Sponge Wedge
First apply a base coat of nail polish, then once the dries apply your main nail polish colour. I used Bubblegum Pink.
Next take a makeup sponge and dab nail polish onto the sponge, not to much. Then dab that onto your nails. I used Mango Get-Em polish and I dab the sponge in random places. Once your done this and your nails are dry you can do this step again with a lighter nail polish which is what I was going to do with Chichlette, but I decided that I liked the look of two polishes instead of three.
Next using a clean glitter or sparkle polishes apply that to your nails I used one of my favourite polishes China Glaze Techno.
Next using a nail art pen your going to make this pattern that I have on my nail. The best way I can explain it is your going to make half a circle shapes on your nails in a line starting from the bottom of your nails until you get to the top. Then finish off with a top coat of nail polish and your done.



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