Friday, February 22, 2013

The Bay & Forever 21 Haul

Today I went shopping with my cousin because I wanted to go the MAC store at my local mall where they were having a Archie's Girl Collection Event, because it wasn't an actual MAC store it was a MAC counter in The Bay the event wasn't big. But I also bought some other stuff beside MAC so here is a haul post on the other stuff that I got. I will do another post on the MAC products in a few weeks once I have tested them out for awhile.
Love & Beauty By Forever21 Perfect Manicure Nail Stickers $1.80CAD
I was shocked when I saw these for $1.80, can't wait to try them and they are cruelty free.
Forever21 Earrings $3.80CAD I couldn't find the ones I got online buy here is a link to similar earrings for $5.80 click here
Love & Beauty By Foreve21 Shimmer Bronzer $5.80CAD. I never have bought Forever21 bronzer but I did see a YouTube video on there eye shadow palette with a good review so I decided to try there bronzer since I'm currently not buying anymore eye shadows for now. This is also cruelty free as while when I was waiting in line I noticed there eye shadow palettes are also cruelty free.
The Bay Material Girl Pants $29.99, my cousin and I both got a pair together she got a mint coloured pair of these pants. I have been wanting pink pants for awhile now, I can't wear these until spring because there not thick pants unless I wear these on top of leggings, but I think these are prefect for spring and now I kind of want a mint coloured pair like my cousin got.
What are some of your recent purchases?


  1. Very nice haul. Forever 21 is the best!

  2. Replies
    1. I have only bought one other thing from them but every time I pass by there clothes in the best they are have great stuff :)

  3. those pants are CUTE and i'd love to try those nail stickers :)

  4. Nice, How did the manicure nail stickers turn out, and how long did they last for?

    1. I haven't used them yet, I think I'm gonna save them for my birthday and use it then


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