Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nail Polish Collection Part 3 - L'Oreal

Today from my collection I will be showing you my L'OREAL polishes I only have two not because I don't like the brand but because I hardly ever notice the brand when I'm looking at the nail polish section in a drug store.
L'OREAL Chicklette (2 coats)
Chicklette is one of my favourite colours I love that it's such a soft pretty light pink. It is a very light pink so I sometimes apply three coats  of this polish.
L'OREAL Mango-Get-Em (2 coats)
Mango-Get-Em is almost similar to Essie Fifth Avenue but Mango-Get-Em is more of a coral polish then a red/orange polish.  
Overall I think L'Oreal polish are ok I think when I finish these two I don't picture myself buying more from this brand as I never notice L'Oreal when I'm in the store. I don't think they have every eye catching colours. 
What L'Oreal polishes do you like? 

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