Monday, February 25, 2013

Nail Polish Collection Part 2 - Julep

Part two of my collection are my Julep polishes. I won two polish were I  pick which two I wanted which were Kim and Sienna and the other four I didn't pick out are Brooke, Taylor, Jennifer and Maya. I didn't pick them out personally because I also won the other four polishes in a three month Julep Maven Box subscription. You can purchase Julep polishes on their website for 14.00US and if your a Maven member then you can purchase them at 11.20US.
Julep Brooke (2 coats)
Brooke is one of my favourite polishes I don't wear this alone because the base colour of this polish is a light purple, its pretty much clear but doesn't provide good colour coverage for the tip of your nails but on top of other polishes I think the polish is great. It not a thick polish and you can apply this as many times are you want to, I have found that it doesn't get clumpy, when applying more then a few coats.
Julep Taylor (3 coats)
This polish is probably the worst polish I tried, this polish is too thick and sticky as well it start to clump when apply it to the nails. This polish seriously looks like a mess on your nails. Julep Taylor is like a nail polish when it almost finished that is what the formula of this polish looks like, and my bottle is no where near finished. It's only almost at the half way mark an I have other Julep polishes that are at the half way mark and the formula is nothing like this. The only positive thing I can stay about this polish is that I really like the colour it's a blue purple polish. Sometimes it looks blue and other times it looks more purple, if it wasn't for the fact that I love this shade I would have toss this polish the moment I tried it.
Julep Jennifer (3 coats)
This polish is a simple nude polish, I like to put Julep Brooke or any other sparkle/glitter polish on top of this one. But sometimes I do like to wear this alone.
Julep Maya (3 coats)
To me this colour is an metallic peach tone polish, its in the orange family but it's more on the light side of orange. You can get away with apply 2 coats of this polish but I applied 3 because I wanted it to be really vibrant. This is one of my favourite polishes it just such a simple pretty colour. Perfect for spring and summer.
Julep Kim (2 coats)
This is a metallic grey tone polish, I don't wear this often but it is one of my favourites. I mostly like to wear this polish on my toes as I only like wearing dark polishes on my toes for some reason I never wear any light or bright colours on them.
Julep Sienna (2 coats)
Out of all of the gold shade polishes I have tried this is my favourite. I think it the perfect shade of gold and I love that it's a metallic polish.
 Julep Brooke
This is Julep Brooke on top of all of the other julep polishes. From left to right-Sienna, Kim, Jennifer, Maya and Taylor. I have only done the Jennifer Brooke combo before but now I want to try Brooke on top if Kim and Taylor. Brooke on top of Sienna and Maya I don't think they really look that great because you can't really see the sparkles.
What are your favourite Julep polish or what polish do you like the best from these 6 Julep polishes?


I love to read what you guys have too say, so please leave your comments but please refrain from follow for follow comments thanks you :)


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