Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nail Polish Collection - Part 1 Essie

For the next few weeks I'm going to be reviewing my nail polish collection and up first are my Essie polishes.
Essie Fifth Avenue  (2 coats)
Essie Fifth Avenue is a orange red nail polish, it's a bright colour and all you really need is 2 coats sometimes you can even get away with apply one coat. The formula of this polish is not to thick and I think the brush is rather small.

Essie Aruba Blue (3 coats)
Essie Aruba Blue is an electric blue is a very vibrate colour. I remember when I was little my friend had a polish like this colour and she painted my nails, ever since then I have wanted a nail polish that is this tone of blue. Like Fifth Avenue the formula is no thick and the brush is small.
Essie Plumberry (2 coats)
These polish is a deep red it is one of my favourite polishes, I don't like red polishes but because its a dark red and not bright red I like it. The formula for this polish is the same as the others as well as the brush.
What Essie polishes do you like?



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