Thursday, February 7, 2013

KQC Xtreme Mini Waver Demo & Review

Over the holidays I borrowed my cousin video camera for a few days and I filmed two videos for you guys one is a demo/review and the next is a get ready with me video which I will post later in the week or the week after. So I hope you enjoy! Hopefully I can borrow her video camera again some time soon and make more videos.
About The Product
From "KQC Xtreme Mini Waver comes with a special blend of tourmaline - ceramic hybrid plates to create sexy waves. The unique combination of tourmaline ceramic  leads to natural properties that result in the powerful natural emission of ions and far-infrared heat upon being crushed and heated. It helps seal the hair cuticle as the hair is styled - repelling humidity and static for incredible lasting frizz-free shine.  Perfect for any stylist in need of creative ideas on any work travels or simply for creativity and fun." 
Update: Since I filmed this video sometime at the beginning of January I have never used the mini waver again and I can't picture myself doing this again. The process was long and by the end of the day my final thoughts were this is an ok look but personally for me I don't love it. I felt at the end of the day my hair looked like it was crimped like in the 80s lol and not like waves.
What do you think of the Mini Waver/my hairstyle?


  1. your hair looks gorgeous!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  2. Hello dear very nice blog! fantastic your hair :) I follow you with pleasure, your new follower;) you expect from me!

    Kiss Tea.

  3. i think the results look great :) love wavy hair!

  4. Gorgeous!
    I'd love to see a "what you use in your hair post" one day :)


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