Monday, January 7, 2013

KQC Red Devil Tourmaline / Ceramic Flat Iron Review

For Christmas I finally got want I have been wanting for so long which is a good hair straighter. This is basically my first hair straighter I did have one along time ago it was a Conair one it sucked and I never used it, so all these years I have been straighten my hair with a Golden Hot, Hot Comb. I can finally throw that away now, that I have found the perfect straighter for me.

About The Product
                         KQC Red Devil Tourmaline / Ceramic Flat Iron has a special blend on tourmaline and ceramic plates that helps to seal hair cuticles as the hair is being styled repelling any humidity and any static for great long lasting frizz free shine. KQC Red Devil has red plates that are 1 inch long they produce a dark red when reached it maximum heat setting which is in less then 30 seconds. Heat setting start at 212 and go up to 410, 212 - 248 is recommend for very fine fragile hair, 248 - 302 thin and easy to curl hair, 302 - 356 for normal textured hair and 356 - 140 is for thick coarse hair.


In the first picture that is my hair after I wash it, it is damp in that picture and when it's completely dry its a bit more puffy then this. So lets start the review! A big thing I was looking for in a flat iron was an iron that would be able to get my roots straight because I relax my hair and in between relaxing, when my hair is growing my roots are going to be super kinky until my next relaxing. KQC Red Devil Iron heats up super quick I would say in under a minute the flat iron reaches the heat setting its set on. The two little humps on iron make the iron easy to grip and give your finger and thumb a place to rest which I like. The flat iron cord is a spin around cord which mean it wont get tangled, as well this flat iron has movable plate the plates kind of move softly from side to side which will not leave creases in your hair and also help to eliminate the iron from tugging on your hair. My flat iron also came with a KQC flat iron holder which is great to have a place to place the iron when in use and after when your done using it for it to cool down, the KQC iron does cost extra.

 Sold at

109.95 CAD
119.95 CAD includes KQC Iron Holder

Have you tried any KQC product?


  1. Those straightners look really good!
    Your so pretty! :)

  2. It did a great job straightening your hair! I have natural curls and I use a GHD right now, I feel like it doesn't get my roots as straight as I'd like...might have to try this one!

    1. Yes for me I think it does a great job at getting my roots :)

  3. I adore KQC shine spray!


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