Thursday, January 10, 2013

Khroma Beauty Shebang Eye Transformation Kit Review

For Christmas one of my best friends got me one of the products from the Kardashians new beauty line called Khroma Beauty which is available in the US and will also be available soon in the UK, which personally I have to say to the Kardashians what about Canada? When will it be available here?
About The Line
Khroma Beauty is a new makeup line were Kourtney, Kim and Khloe are the creators, ambassadors and faces of this line. The sister want to share with there fans there access to luxury formulas and with Khroma Beauty they can now do that. This line has high quality product but are at affordable price. With Khroma beauty the sisters fans can now recreate there signature looks that the girls are know for. Khroma beauty line ranges from mascaras, lashes, lipsticks and palettes. You can read more about Khroma Beauty on there Europe site, as the American site is currently not working.  

The Shebang Set comes with an eye shadow palette containing six eye shadows. Shadows from left to right, the first shadow is a pretty lilac, then a nice cranberry, followed by two highlight colours in a peachy gold and gold tone, then a bronze shadow followed by a nice dark plum shadow. My favourite out of this palette would have to be the cranberry shadow, peach, bronze and the dark plum. All the shadow are nice shades but personally I like those ones the best and I like that the shadows are shimmery. However I would have liked to have at least one highlight shadow in this palette that was matte because personally for my skin tone the highlight shadows don't work to well as a nice highlight for my brow bone but they do work well around the tear duct and with these shadows you really have to build up the shadow to get the full effect of the shadows colour. Overall I think this is a nice palette I like it but I wouldn't use just the palette alone since there are no matte shadows.
The black liner pencil that comes with this set is pretty standard, goes on smooth, easy to sharpen and is not to dark, I know some people might not like that it's not such a dark black liner but for me I like my black eyeliner pencils to not be so dark that way if I want my liner dark I can build it up to get my desired look.
I love the style of these lashes there super girly and flirty I wasn't sure if I would like them because I like a more natural look when I wear false lashes but I'm in love with this pair. For me the lashes fit my lash line but I feel there a bit to long, I haven't yet but I'm going to cut a tiny tiny bit off from the lashes that way they can be more comfortable. This lashes do come with lash adhesive and I like the applicator that the adhesive comes with but I personally only like using my Revlon lash adhesive.
Right now on the Europe site there is a prelaunch of the line and you can currently get the Kourtney, Kim or Khloe Kardazzle Face Palette, Nude Lip Set or Shebang Eye Transformation Kit.
Shebang Eye Transformation Kit €17.95
Shebang Eye Transformation Kit $14.99 US
Would you want Khroma Beauty to come to Canada next?
Have you tried any products from Khroma Beauty?


  1. Nice review the lashes look so fab!

  2. This palette looks so pretty! I heard somewhere that the reason it takes so long for makeup to get released here is because the Canadian government has strict laws on ingredients.

    1. I didn't know that well hopefully they release it in Canada :)

  3. I was a bit underwhelmed with their makeup line, sadly. I was just expecting more 'glam' I guess? Thanks for the review!

    1. I understand what you mean hopefully there will be more stuff coming out soon, its just the beginning right lol :)

  4. Great review, I personally do not see anything in the collection that would trigger my purchase button, but they should have included Canada - we often get looked over ;)
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    1. I agree I think Canada does often get forgotten about

  5. The Eyelashes Look awesome!! I'm loving their neutral colors!
    Thats for the review!! I might pick some up to try out!


  6. Can't say im a fan of them but the products do look great - but not available here in Australia!!

    Found your blog via the Monday Beauties Blog hop – Great blog - I’m now a new follower.

    Hope you will check out my blog too – and while you are there, don’t forget to enter my INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY;


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