Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Candy Cane & Reindeer Nails

So I just finished this nail look and I decided to do I post on it since I haven't done a nail post in awhile and thought maybe someone might want to try this look out for Christmas or the Holidays.
This is a candy cane and reindeer look I got the idea from WAH Nails instagram I saw a picture of reindeer nails and I thought to myself that is so cute and then I also wanted to add something too it so I decided to go with a candy cane design on my other nails and paint one hand green and one red.

Products Used
OPI Nail Envy Base Coat
Nicole By OPI Kardashian Kolor Khloe Had A Little Lam Lam
Nicole By OPI Kardashian Kolor Hard Kourt Fashionista
Nicole By OPI I Stop For Nicole
Nail Art Pen White
Nail Art Pen Black
How To
Step 1. Once you have applied your base coat and what ever colours you wish to paint your nails, once they are done drying your next step is to create the reindeer. Take a brown polish and create a half circle shape starting from the tip of your nail and sweeping the brush along the nail to create a half circle shape.
Step 2. Taking a black polish that comes with a thin brush or using a toothpick draw antlers. I made mine by drawing a straight line and then making little short lines at the top of the antler and side.
Step 3. This part is simple using the brush just dot on eyes, you can't see mines well as the brown polish I used is very dark but they are there. Once that is done do the same with the red polish in the center tip of the nail to create a nose.
Step 4. For the candy cane using white polish with a thin brush run the brush across your nails to create the white strips and your DONE. Just let it dry for a few minutes and apply top coat.
I hope you all enjoyed this Holiday nail design!
What is your favourite nail polish to wear during the Holidays?


I love to read what you guys have too say, so please leave your comments but please refrain from follow for follow comments thanks you :)


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