Monday, December 17, 2012

Beauty Blender Vs Beauty Blender Dupe/Review

Almost a month ago I got the Beauty Blender and I have been testing it out and seeing how it come pares to the Beauty Blender dupe that I have.
I'm not going to go into detail about what is a beauty blender because if your into beauty then who doesn't know what a beauty blender is lol. I'm just going to share with you my review on both products.
Beauty Blender
The Beauty Blender is soft and easy to squeeze. I like that its shaped some what like a cone, round pointed at the top and round at the bottom. To use the beauty blender you do have to run it under water and it will expand and get bigger, I like this feature because it gives you more coverage. It has a round pointed tip and it's soft and gets into corner of my eyes and nose. Also is great to use with Ben Nye Banana Powder or any other setting powder. The Beauty Blender can also be purchased with a Beauty Blender Cleanser I think the cleanser is great it cleans well and can also be used to clean your makeup brushes too. However I hate the smell of the Beauty Blender Cleanser to me it's the worst smell of a beauty product I have ever smelled.
$20.00 CAD (Imats is were I purchased the Beauty Blender with the cleanser)
$26.00 CAD (Beauty Blender @ Sephora)
$44.00 CAD ( with Beauty Blender Cleanser & one Beauty Blender @ Sephora)
$50.00 CAD (with Beauty Blender Cleanser & two Beauty Blenders @ Sephora)
Beauty Blender Dupe
The beauty Blender Dupe has a more pointed tip then the original, but its not as soft. I do find compare to the Beauty Blender I do like the softness of the original Beauty Blender because it feel better on your skin. Over all the texture of the dupe is not as soft and the Beauty Blender. I like the shape of the dupe but it really doesn't make holding it any easier then the Beauty Blender, but it pretty much give the same results in makeup application as the Beauty Blender. 
I'm not sure how much my dupe was because a friend bought it for me but looking around online I would say for sure you can buy one for under $15.00 CAD
I would the only real difference I think there is, is the softness of the blenders. I like both of them I really only bought the Beauty Blender at Imats because I was looking to buy the cleansers for my dupe, which they only had cleanser that were available with the Beauty Blender. I would say if softness really matters to you then buy the beauty blender but if it doesn't save some money and buy the dupe.
Have you tried the Beauty Blender or any dupes?


  1. I think I will stick with the original. The softness helps with the application. Thank you for the info, Kayla :-)

  2. I would buy the dupe, I can't see myself paying that much for a sponge. a makeup brush yes but a sponge no.

  3. I really want to try a beauty blender! The dupe you have sounds just as good as the original x

    1. I think it is good and give pretty much the same result :)

  4. I know I'm late to this just found your blog! But I purchased my Beauty Blender from TJ Maxx for 5.99!

  5. I initially spent the money at Sephora to try one out and then my gal pal got me hip to these dupes on Amazon which are kinda amazing!! They're totally comparable (super soft and strong--I wash them every day after I use them and they are still going strong :))Plus, you get 4 different shapes for basically the price of what you'd spend on one BB.


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