Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Velour Lashes Review

As you may already now I went to Imats this year you can click here for my haul, one of the things I bought were Velour Lashes. I remember everytime me and my friend would move to a new booth I would say do you see Velour Lashes booth and then finally when we were looking at this booth selling nail products I spotted Velour Lashes and I went right over to them. The lashes that I wanted to get were You Complete Me but they were all sold out so I got Are Those Real? The minute I tried this lashes I thought I wish I would have both two pair these lashes are amazing!

About The Product
Launched and based in Toronto, Ontario Velour Lashes are made with 100% authentic mink fur, there high quality, long lasting, light weight, and comfortable. Velour Lashes are cruelty free with no harm being done to the animals, the hair is brushes from live mink and is then sterilized to ensure safe usage. Lashes can be use up to 25 times but if you care for them well they can be use well over 25 times. For more information on Velour Lashes click here.
First time when removing the lashes I found that you need to be gentle as I pull out one lash by accident, best to use a tweezers when removing the lashes from the case. The feel of the lashes are great they are soft and smooth which before these lashes I never thought about the feel of lashes until one of the ladies that help me choose which lashes I bought told one of the customer to feel the lashes they are soft and to my surprise they are. They also blend so well into my real lashes, the one I bought were Are Those Real? and I have to say they look like the could be my real lashes. I also think the band the lashes are on it not too thick which is good because they blend in with my black liner well, it just looks like the band is my liner. I also love the little caution statement they have on there box its so cute as it says "Contents may cause serious side effects such as increased flirtiness, extreme sexiness and irresistible eyes" this is just so cute! These lashes are also comfortable on my eyes which is great because my eyes are sensitive, they are light weight but not so light weight that you would forget there even there.
Velour Lashes Top $29.99
Velour Lashes Bottom $24.99
At Imats I paid $20.00 for these babies so they were $9.99 dollars off of the regular price, if you want these lashes and Imats is coming near you and your going then I would wait to buy them there if Velour Lashes will be there. If not then you can buy them online and they also have free shipping.
I so wish I would have bought one more pair of these lashes maybe in a different style because they are so good. I would buy this again and I love the way Real Those Real? look on me. I would recommend getting these lashes if your into more natural looking lashes.
Have you tried Velour Lashes?


  1. Replies
    1. Yup, I want to get another pair to were them for going out etc so that I have two styles :)

  2. I agree these are GORGEOUS!

  3. OMG gorgeous lashes!

  4. "Are Those Real" Well, yes, yes they are! Haha I love the ironic element to the name for those specific lashes. The way you've applied them they appear very natural and not overdone. And of course for those special occasions, I would try doubling up on the lashes for a more dramatic/glam look.

    Great reviews, it's always a pleasure reading Kayla! :)

  5. Thanks hun :)!! And these look so nice, would it be weird if I admitted ive never worn false lashes loool xx

  6. I looooove Velour lashes, thanks for reminding me that I have them and it's time for them to be used!!

  7. You have tried


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