Monday, November 19, 2012

Imats Toronto 2012 Haul

So this weekend I went to Toronto Imats and I had a great time I made a haul video last night for you all to see the things I got (its not the best video quality but I tried). This Imats it was my first time going and I want to go again next year I did see online that some people feel this Imats wasn't as good as last year as some companies like NYX wasn't there this year which I have to say they were one of the companies I really wanted to see since I don't have a Rexall which is were NYX is sold in Canada, I don't have a Rexall in walking distance to were I live that I know of and the store that sell NYX close to were I live doesn't have a wide range of there products. But lets get to the HAUL! :)

Imats Haul/Imats Pictures
I didn't take a lot of picture but here are a few that I did take one of my makeup that I did a few at the show plus a picture of everything I bought so you can get a better look of them.


Did anyone go to Imats this year or are you planning to go when it comes to or near your city?


  1. This is awesome! Looks like you had a blast! I cannot wait to go to the Imats in NYC!!

  2. This looks like tons of fun!


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