Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Clean Your Brushes With Anti Bacteral Soap & Olive Oil

Hey I'm going to be showing you guys a new way I have been cleaning my makeup brushes, I've tried this out a few times and I think this is a great inexpensive way to clean your makeup brushes.
So what you will need is anti bacterial soap, olive oil, a plate and of course your dirty bushes.
I have two dawn soaps and like always I never read the label lol and I took out the wrong soap. So don't be like me and assume that all Dawn soaps are anti bacterial lol.
This is the one I was supposed to use.
Pour a good amount of soap onto a plate, I used a paper plate but I think its better to use a real plate because sometimes liquids can leak with paper plats. Next pour the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, pour 1/3 the size of the soap.
Stir brushes in plate in a back and forth motion to pick up the soap and oil.
Then do the same on your hand stir in a back and forth motion until all the dirt as come up, then lay its flat on a towel and clean the rest of your brushes.
If your brushes are really dirty your hand may look like mine at the end lol.

For me my eye shadow brushes are the dirtiest with black and browns and all kinds of eye shadows in them. Look at them they look so black ewww. Now that your "loosen" the dirt from your brushes its time to wash them clean!
First I just want to say never wash your brushes facing them up because you don't want the water getting into the base were the bristle are glued in because it will loosen up the glue and the bristle will fall out. I always run my hand in warm water never hot, then I wipe the brush on my hand as the water in running.
So here is my brushes, after I was them I get as much water out as a can drying them with a paper towel. When drying them just like when I wash them I put my brushes facing down. After I dry them off with a paper towel I lay them on a cloth towel leaving the brushes hanging at edge of my dresser, so they they dry all the way around. I even tried this on my beauty blender dupe that a friend got for me and it cleaned the sponge pretty well, which I find beauty blenders/dupes hard to clean if you don't have the beauty blender cleaner.
Have you tried this method to clean your brushes before?


  1. That is how I clean my brush but I dont use the oil part and I find that my blushe come out better cleaned.Great post.

  2. I haven't tried mixing my own makeup brush cleaner. This is a great post. I see MAC and other brands which are selling those brush cleaners but pretty expensive.

    New follower from blog hop. You have an awesome blog here :)

    p.s. I am hosting a giveaway on my blog. Pop by to check it out when you have a chance.

  3. I use only antibacterial soap and it's perfect for cleaning :)


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