Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes Control Freak Vegan Primer Review

I have been testing out this primer ever since I got it and you may have seen it listed in a few of my blog post, I'm finally ready to share with you all my feelings on this product.
About The Product
Glamour Doll Eyes has two types of primers one is there regular primer which is not vegan and it's a pink tone primer and because it has bee wax and carmine in it it's not vegan. The vegan primer has a brown tone to it. Both primers are handmade so colour, texture and apperance may very from batch to batch.

First I just want to say that I'm not vegan but the reason why I did purchase the vegan primer over the non vegan primer is because I liked that it matched my skin tone. With that being said this primer does match my skin tone in the pan but when it is applied for me it appears clear there is no colour too it when it was smoothed out. Looking at the primer with I first got it I thought it would be a creamy texture but this is actually greasy or oily texture too it. First time I used it I applied to much and it did crease. When using this I realized that you only need a small amount and that goes a long way. I tested this out on two types of shadow matte pan shadows and loose shadows from Glamour Doll Eyes. For me when I used it with my matte pan shadows I don't think the colour really came across to great but the shadows did last long thoughout my day and i found that they did crease by the end of my day. However I find that this primer works best with loose shadows I think because the primer is oily it helps loose shadows to stick a bit better to the primer when a cream primer might. I haven't tested this out on pan shadows that are shimmery so I can't comment on how they work with this primer. Overall this primer made my shadows last long and ther was only a bit of creasing which happend close to the end of the day with that being said I like the price of this primer which is uder 15 dollars I might buy this again I may not it really depends what I feel when I'm low on primer and which products I may want to give a try next.
Control Freak Non Vegan/Vegan (.39 oz) $10.75 US
Have you tried any of Glamour Doll Eyes Primers?
What is your favourite primer?


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