Saturday, September 22, 2012

Puzzle Nails

I looking online for an idea for now to do my nails and I saw this box nails and that gave me the idea to do my nails in puzzle shapes and I'm going to share with you how I got this look.

Products Used
Essie Aruba Blue
Sally Henson Nail Art Pen in Light Pink

How To
 1. Paint your nails any shade of nail polish you like, I used Essie Aruba Blue.

2. With the nail art pen push some of the colour out onto a dish or paper. Nail art pens work by pushing the pen down onto a surface the polish will come out and you dip the pen tip into the polish when ever you need more.

3. As carefully as you can your going to draw puzzle shapes onto your nails, draw them as big as you can because it makes it easier when your draw and curves.


What do you think of puzzle nails?

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