Friday, May 11, 2012

OH MY! Katy Perry Lashes

Ever since Katy Perry Lashes came out I have been dying to try them, and I finally got my hands on a pair. I thought if I wanted to try these I would have to be buying them online but one day I opened up my April issue of Seventeen Magazine and there was an ad for the lashes and I saw that they were being sold at Ultra which is not in Canada and Clarie's which is in Canada. Ok so the lashes they I got are OH MY!

These lashes are drama drama drama and they for sure live up to there name. They made up of 3 thick lashes. You also get lash glue in the package as well as instructions. I've always wanted to try lashes like these because they look so thick and fun. I wouldn't wear them in the day but on a night out sure, there prefect with a cat eye makeup look.

Here is how the lashes look, this is from an upcoming makeup series that I'm working on so stay tuned for that coming up soon.

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  1. those lashes are amazing

  2. WOW. They're amazing, such an impact. Defiantly want a pair :D

  3. These lashes are beauts! :)



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