Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nicole By OPI Polishes

Nicole By OPI Kardashian Kolors Nothing Kim - Pears to Blue
I love the Kardashians to its no surprise that when I went into Shoppers and saw some on Kim spring nail colours from her line called Well Kim To My World I just had to buy one. This colour is a shimmer blue, this is my favourite colour from the collection. The formula is thin as you can see on by my thumb. I recommend using 3 - 4 coats when apply this polish.

Something About Nicole
When I first saw this colour it reminded me of All Kendall-Ed up so I decided to Kim-Pare them lol.
Something About Nicole is actually ligther maybe about 3 shades lighter. But there both really nice colours.
I love Something About Nicole it makes me think of summer since it's a bright pink.

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  1. I have something about nicole, its my go to color right now!

    1. Something about nicole is a nice colour I actually like it better then all kendall-ed up

  2. Wow, the blue one is lovely :D


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