Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Madame Madeline Haul

One of the blogs I follow recently posted a huge haul of lashes, Red Cherry lashes that bought on Madame Madeline which is a website that sells false lashes for cheap. So I went to the website to check it out and I decided I should purchase my lashes from there. The reason I decided to go with this company is because of the over all cost I was going to buy false lashes from MAC but I decided why send around 100 for 5 pairs of lashes when I can buy them from  Madame Madeline at a better price.

So here is what I bought for under 40 dollars and that's with shipping included. Oh and because I spend over 20 dollars I got a free pair of red cherry lashes with my purchase. So YAY for good deals :)

From left to right
RC 106, RC 27 (buttom lashes),RC 113, RC 213, RC D/011, RC 213 (free pair)

Gem Kit comes with 45 gems

Have you ever bought Red Cherry lashes or purchased from Madame Madeline?

If so what do you think of Red Cherry lashes or Madame Madeline?


  1. I LOVE Madame Madeline, I buy from their site all the time :) I love their good deals and prices :)

  2. I LOVE MM! I bought my lashes from there and they're reasonibly priced and they ship really quick as well.

    The Red Cherry #213 is my favourite lashes!

    1. Red Cherry 213 is my favourite too. I was so happy when I saw that they gave me another one as my free pair.

  3. Never heard of the website, but the prices are awesome! Thanks for the recommendation.


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