Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Make-up Look Gluttony

Today is Friday so that means today is my last post on my fav makeup looks by bowsandcurtseys
I hope you all enoyed the looks that I recreated and don't forget to check out bowsandcurtseys, which is an amazing beauty blog :)

Friday- Gluttony



  1. Wow you did such a wonderful job, this looks great on you :)

  2. Beautiful,u have a nice blog am following xx

  3. My dear Thanks for your visit on my blog, and Yes I Want follow each other , now I follow you and I hope you follow me back! Love your male up so colourful! Have a nice week! Keep in touch .....

  4. I think I might be the first guy commenting on this blog, but in general I like what I'm seeing.

    This Gluttony look has great elements for the eye shadow and how it highlights your brow bone and eyebrows themselves.

    Just a suggestion, the Lady Gaga Viva Glam lips that you're using would look much better if you mixed it with a darker gloss (perhaps a raspberry tone) instead of the current pale pink you're using.

    Otherwise keep it up!

  5. Thanks girls, and thanks for the tip Eric :)

  6. i can see why you loved this look; it's fab! great recreation and gorgeous work by bows

  7. You did such a gorgeous job! <3


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