Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fashion/Beauty Photos - Part 7

Here is Part 7 hope you enjoy!

Tumblr   (clipped to
Your Love Is A Verb Here In My Room   (clipped to
f a s h i o n i s t h a   (clipped to
The Abandoned by Billy Rood on Ben Trovato   (clipped to
Fashion icon-by Chinky   (clipped to
E X Q U I S I T E ♥   (clipped to
Tumblr   (clipped to
Mama, life just began.   (clipped to
Amelia’s Magazine | MOMA   (clipped to
fashion illustrations, by Caroline Andrieu   (clipped to
fashion illustrations, by Caroline Andrieu   (clipped to
Cheetah is the New Black   (clipped to
My love, it is the size of an Oliphaunt.   (clipped to
lady gaga icon by bella, use.   (clipped to
Je Suis un Lapin = Patricia Coelho   (clipped to
Part 8 coming next week


  1. Lovely photos! You need a tumblr girl!

  2. lol I do have one, I never use to post on there but I recently started

  3. omg, what eye candy! i love it all! :)

  4. love love love the shoes :)


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