Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Katy Perry Cupcake Nails

Katy Perry always has the most fun music videos. California Girls is so fun and I got this cute idea to do cupcake nails from the video.
Cupcake Nails

Cupcake Nails by sheerbeauty featuring post earrings

How to

Use any colours you want

1. Start off by painting the top of your nail the colour you want your cupcake to be and paint the bottom half of your nail the colour you want the cupcake paper to be.

2. Next your going to paint on the frosting I used pink for my nails. Once you add the frosting it time to paint on the lines on the cupcake paper to help make it look more like a real cupcake. Use a colour that is a bit darker and if you have a thin brush use that as well. If you don't its alright I didn't have time to use a thin brush.

3. Next step is to add the cherry and sprinkles use a red nail polish for the cherry and a glitter polish for the sprinkles and there you have it your done!


  1. Cupcake nails are super cute :)

  2. that is so cute :)

  3. Too cute for words! I love Katy Perry and I think your cupcake nails are perfect.


  4. How cute! Also, I passed the Nail Art Friendly Blog badge to you on my newest blog post! :)


  5. Such cute idea!!! I LOVE IT :)
    followin you now for future posts.... <3


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