Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Think PINK

Today I was on (go check out her post) and I was reading her post on Breast Cancer Awareness Month and she is only going to wear PINK mani's and pedi's this month to show her support and I think that this is a great idea. So I'm also going to wear for this month only pink mani and padi's to also show my support. I hope you guys give this a try as well. :)

just a little side note my up coming nail post for Halloween designs I did last month so when you see them on here I didn't go back on my word lol I already had them done before hand :)


  1. i really love that mani! what a great idea, may do the same :)

    Vonnie of

  2. love the idea...I might do the same

  3. That is such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing. I was going to paint my nails blue, but now I think I will go pink. <3


  4. I'm wearing pink all month too!

    xx Grace

  5. Thanks girls, it's a nice way to support if you can't support the cause financially :)

  6. Hi, Kayla! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello! Way to support breast cancer awareness! Did you see my cause I am promoting? Would love for you to grab a button and spread the good word!

    You're so cute!

    Along Abbey Road
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