Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Costumes - Lady Gaga

This week Halloween costume is gonna be celeb theme featuring Lady Gaga. One is from her Judas video which on Friday I will post my recreation  of the look and the other one is just a simple Gaga look, if you can call her fashion simple lol :)

Halloween Lady Gaga Judas

Alexander McQueen peplum jacket
$2,652 -

Miss Sixty rocker pants
€150 -

TopShop lace bandeau bra
$28 -

Yves Saint laurent
$25 -

Alexander McQueen platform boots
£595 -

Halloween Lady Gaga

Leather top
£395 -

TopShop black pants
$44 -

Forever21 facets jewelry
$7.80 -

Portolano vintage glove
$145 -

TopShop round metal sunglasses
$45 -

Forever21 fat belt
$6.80 -

Hair bow accessory

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians :)


  1. So fun! Love lady Gaga!♥

  2. So really nice pieces in the Judas spread!

    xx Grace

  3. I love all the leather and black!! These outfits are awesome.

  4. you put together the best fashion boards-
    i could live in these pieces for the next season-
    especially love your top choices.

  5. Amazing idea for halloween. x

  6. Thanks girls :)
    Lady Gaga's looks are so fun it would be a great idea to dress as her for Halloween!

  7. Great idea :)


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