Sunday, August 21, 2011

Makeup Tips & Tricks For Your Eyes

Makeup Tips & Tricks

1.  To Create Distance.
If you have close set eyes this tip is for you. Apply eyeliner only at the outer counters of your lower lids, then flick the line 1 or 2milimeter beyond.

2.  Bright Eyes.
To brighten eyes apply a dot of gold cream shadow at inner corners of eyes. this makes the eyes look more open and looks great in the light.

3. Lush Lashes.
  To make lashes more lush apply to types of mascara, one that is volumizing and then one that is a lengthening mascara.
4. Full and Thicker.
To make lashes appear full and thick at the base of your lashes put the wand right up to the roots of your lashes and wiggle it before drawing the wand up.
5. Curl.
To lock in the curl, curl your lashes twice, once before mascara and once after mascara but make sure the the mascara is completely dry first because you don't want your lashes to stick to the eye lash curler and pull an eye lash out.

What are some of your number beauty tip or trick you use for your eyes?

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  1. Blow dry the eyelash curler before using it so that its pretty warm, it works wonders !

  2. Great tip, I'm gonna try that out tomorrow :)


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