Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fashion Basic Must Haves

Recently I just finished reading Kardashian Konfidential and they had some great fashion tips on some basic items that every girl now a days should have in their closet, so I got an idea to do this weeks fashion post on some basic fashion pieces that you would like to have as your build your wardrobe.  Pieces that complete a look or pieces you can wear with anything.


Basic Blazer



Little Black Dress

Basic Little Black Dress

Paul Joe black cocktail dress
€179 -

TopShop bodycon dress
$90 -

Party dress
$71 -


Basics Leggings

Long legging

Button Down Shirt (neutral colours)

Basics Button Down Shirt


Basics Belts

Forever21 wide belt
$8.80 -

Forever21 wide belt
$6.80 -

Black belt
$24 -

Leather belt
$28 -

Black Heels - Open and Closed

Basics Heels

TopShop leather high heels
$124 -

Heeled sandals
$124 -

Nude Pumps

Basics Nude Pumps

ALDO high heel pumps
$60 -

ALDO platform pumps
$90 -

Flats (that you could wear with anything)

Basics Flats

Aldo shoes
$50 -

Aldo shoes
$50 -

Purse (Eveyday, Clutch, Off The Shoulder, Tote)

Basic Bags

Mulberry handbag
€900 -

Christian Louboutin leather shoulder bag
$1,495 -

Lanvin clutch handbag
$1,350 -

Givenchy fold over clutch
$1,430 -

Zara vintage handbag
$9.99 -

Mulberry leather tote bag
$1,000 -

TopShop hobo handbag
$75 -

3 1 Phillip Lim black leather tote bag
$1,274 -

Tell me what you think of this post, do you have your own fashion basics that you think every girl should have?


  1. My fashion basic must haves are black heels because they go with anything and a black purse :)

    Great post, I really enjoy reading it!

  2. Ohh! Absolutely love all this black and my fave are the michael Kor shoes :)))
    How've you been Kayla? hope all is well with you!MIss you lots

  3. yes a blazer for sure and a piece of statement jewelry!

  4. @FASHION ICE that's a good one statement jewelry


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