Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beyonce Makeup

Today post is on Beyonce, one of my favourite makeup looks by her so far is from this music video telephone. Hope you enjoy today post :)

Step 1. Prep your eye lids with mac primer or any primer you wish to use.

Step 2. Sweep Mac eyeshadow in Chrome Yellow on your eyelids with a eye shadow brush. Apply from the lash line to the crease.

Step 3. Next apply Mac eyeshadow in Red Brick with a blending brush. Start from your eye crease up to almost your brow bone. You want make sure you you apply the red that its just a touch of red like in the picture above.

Step 4. Now that your done with the shadow apply your eyeliner.

Step 5. Apply your mascara. Or if you wish I think this look, looks better with fake lashes which i wished i would have used.
Here is how this look turned out for me.


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