Sunday, January 2, 2011

Taylor Swift Hair and Fashion

Taylor Swift Hair Boho Look

Taylor Swift Fashion

1.Avan Garden Party Dress $59.00 2. Kiss Lock Leatherette Tote Forever21 $41.80 3. Suedette Platform Pumps Forever21 $27.80 4. Paris Charm Necklace Forever21 $6.80 5. High Polish Beaded Head wrap Forever21 $6.80
1. Ring Pop Red Dress $44.00 2. Mixx Luisa 10 Gold Glitter Bow Toe Platform Pumps $39.00 3. Lace Rose Headband Forever21 $4.80 4. Berggren Aldo $28.00 5. Floral Connector Ring Forever21 $5.80

1. Bound Seam Duffle Coat 160.00 2. Camel Contrast Bow Beret $20.00 3. Tan Lasercut Satchel $70.00 4. Bamboo Asiana 38 Black Strapped and Buckled Flat Riding Boots $49.00 5. PU and Ponte Jodphurs $44.00 


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  1. i love that hair tut! i'm trying soon as i find somewhere to go lol!

  2. The red coat from the Taylor Swift look, looks great. Not too bulky, but I can definitely see it being worn on the streets or even in the country. Nicely done sheer beauty blog!

  3. Love love love!!! <3 stay beautiful


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