Monday, December 20, 2010

Whats Hot for This Winter and My Favourite Accessories

Welcome to my blog SheerBeautyBlog. This blog is going to be everything that I love about fashion and beauty. All the content on this blog is done my me,myself and I. And anything that is not made by me I will also give credit to whom ever it was made by. I update every 1-2 weeks. Enjoy my first post on fashion :D

What I think is hot hot hot for this winter is FUR, fake of course I don't wear real fur. So here are my picks for whats hot for this winter season enjoy. 

Fur Vests

1.  Blu Moon Diva Vest in Leopard $134.00 2. The Battalion Munro Faux Fur Reversible Vest in Hyena $ 242.00 3.Forver21 Leopard Modacrylic Vest $35.80 4. Heritage1981 Faux Lamb Fur Vest $27.90 5. BB Dakota Ashland Vest $77.00 6. Patchy Faux Fur Swing Gilet $160.00

Fur Bags

1. Faux Fur Lock Clutch $80.00 2. Faux Sheepskin Backpack $90.00
 3. Tobin Faux Fur Black Purse $70.00 4. Fur-iendly Feeling Handbag by Melie Bianco 79.00

Fur Coats

1. Faux Fur Jacket by Rare** $118.00 2. Faux Sheepskin Duffle Coat $170.00 3. Faux Fur Jacket by Love** $118.00 4. Check Sheepskin Detail Duffle Coat $240.00 

Winter Head Gear

1. Knitted Fur Pom Pom Beanie $28.00 2. Sno Cream Faux Fur Halo Headband $32.00 3. Forever21 Faux Fur Snowflake Trapper Hat $17.80 Minx in Moscow Faux Fur Hat $20.00 5. Faux Fur Ball Black Hat $33.00

Fur Boots

1. MILEY Fur Buckle Boots $70.00 2. MILEY Fur Buckle Boots $70.00 3. BEA Fur Buckle Over Knee Boots $280.00 4. Wear the Wild Things Faux Fur Leg Warmers $41.00 5. Aldo VANDERAU $110.00 6. Aldo VIDRINE $130.00
Here are some of my favourite accessories that I own and were I got them from
1. Earrings - H&M - I love these earrings they are one of my fav I just love feather earrings or dangle earrings. I feel like they make your face look slimmer if you have a round face
2. Bracelet - Rita Tesolin is a great designer and I got this from her sample sale last November
3. Earrings - One of my fav stud earrings that I have there just so cute and simple. I got these from a store in my school called CITYDOWNTOWN which is run my the fashion students.
4. Earrings - Rita Tesolin I got these to from her sample sale and I always get comments on these earrings when I wear them from my friends
5. Bracelets I also got these to from Rita Tesolin sample in May and I always wear them when ever I go out. I just love how they sparkle when I wear them.
6. Brooches - Flower brooches you can wear these with just about anything, I pin these to my hairband and wear them in my hair
7. Ring - Rita Tesolin sample sale in May I love these, this is probably my favourite accessory that I own, if I could wear this everyday I would :)
8. Belt - Rita Tesolin sample sale this belt reminds my of Taylor Swift I think its something she would wear and this belt is so beautiful. My second favourite thing I own
9. Necklace this is one of the gift that my friends got me for my birthday last may and I love that its multi coloured and also multi layered. This necklace is from adrenes.



  2. Hi Kayla
    Your blog is amazing!! Thats a lot of stuff you have : )
    Keep up the good work.
    Manni : D

  3. I love #2 under bags, it reminds me of Mina (Corey In the House)'s fur bag from the fictional Bahavia, very chic!

    Also #1 from hats is zoo cute! I can definitely see this on a child or a young adult.


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